Thermo Scientific™

OMNIC™ DS Data Security Software

Confidently secure your laboratory data and its integrity using the Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ DS Data Security Software. This security package can be customized to your needs: on a user basis, on one system or across an enterprise.

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The OMNIC DS Data Security Software Features:

  • Full-system access control to authenticate users
  • True digital signatures to record responsibility and provide data integrity protection
  • Traceability with complete audit trails
  • Original data save option with flexible record storage and retrieval
Software logs change to files associated with the software, even when OMNIC Software itself is not running because system use and file event logging is output in a custom Thermo log within the Microsoft™ Event Viewer.

Note: Thermo Scientific™ Security Administration Server is responsible for giving system administrator control over software access, policies and digital signature meanings in an intuitive interface. This server can be run stand-alone on your spectrometer workstation or as a server application to administer OMNIC Software on one or all of the systems in your facility.