Thermo Scientific™

ARL OPTIM'X Cement Analyzer

Catalog number: OPTIMXCEMENT
Thermo Scientific™

ARL OPTIM'X Cement Analyzer

Catalog number: OPTIMXCEMENT

Cement QC laboratories face demanding elemental analysis requirements to determine major and minor oxides in clinker, cement and raw materials such as limestone, sand and bauxite. The preconfigured Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ OPTIM’X Cement Analyzer for dedicated cement applications offers a powerful solution that delivers high precision, outstanding repeatability and stability. Featuring a compact, reliable WDXRF platform, the ARL OPTIM'X Cement Analyzer comes with factory-installed calibration using NIST™ standards for clinker and cement, making it the fastest turnkey solution available.

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ARL OPTIM’X Cement Analyzer
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DescriptionARL OPTIM’X Cement Analyzer
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The ARL OPTIM'X Cement Analyzer provides all the advantages of wavelength dispersive X-ray elemental analysis at a fraction of the cost of higher-powered systems. Its innovative optics, small footprint and ease of operation and maintenance lead to a significantly lower cost of ownership without sacrificing precision or sensitivity.

  • Ultra Closely Coupled Optics (UCCO) technology with power levels of 50W or 200W provides equivalent performance to much higher-powered systems.
  • SmartGonio compact goniometer covers all elements from fluorine (F) to uranium (U) in sequential mode.
  • Fast analysis of solids, liquids and loose powders with excellent spectral resolution.
  • Configurable with sequential and/or simultaneous elemental analysis capability for added performance or speed.
  • No water cooling or gas supply required (most configurations).

Ease of Ownership

  • Reduced dependence on auxiliary equipment.
  • No internal or external water cooling required.
  • Detector can be configured to work without external gas.
  • Robust, reliable and compact design.
  • Significantly lower cost per analysis vs. high-power systems.
  • Small footprint.

Goniometer and Multichromators

  • Can be configured with a series of Multichromators for simultaneous analysis and/or with a SmartGonio with 3 crystals for sequential analysis and flexibility.
  • Two fixed monochromator channels for specific elements can be fitted alongside the SmartGonio to reduce analysis time.
  • Up to eight fixed channels can be selected in a simultaneous configuration for increased speed.

Recommended for

  • Major and minor oxides in cement and raw materials such as limestone, sand, bauxite, ceramics, refractories, slags and sinters.


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