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TraceFinder™ Software

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Offer increased flexibility and an array of capabilities in performing targeted screening and routine quantitation with either high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) and/or triple stage quadrupole (TSQ) mass spectrometers with Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ Software. Not only does TraceFinder provide method development tools for all molecule types, it also generates new methods from existing data. From pharma/biopharma to food safety, from environmental safety to clinical research and forensic technology, TraceFinder ensures increased productivity for your analytical laboratory, enabling you to address analytical challenges today and tomorrow.

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When used with Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ HRAM or TSQ™ mass spectrometry systems, TraceFinder software offers the most comprehensive and quantitative workflows that help you address critical challenges in your routine or advanced quantitation assays.

Discover the Unique Benefits of TraceFinder
  • Streamlined targeted screening and quantitation for all molecule types
  • Easy access to all necessary information for hundreds of molecules in seconds
  • Transform any data from anywhere into a method

Meets Application-Specific Requirements
  • TraceFinder software for environmental and food safety provides the ability to meet worldwide regulations in environmental laboratories
  • The clinical research and forensic toxicology versions of TraceFinder software provide for easy implementation of the requirements in clinical and forensic laboratories
  • TraceFinder software for general quantitation offers processing and reporting capabilities for analytical laboratories where specific workflows are not required

Increases Productivity
  • Simplifies workflow-driven method setup with fully automated data acquisition, data processing, and reporting
  • Automates analyses with intelligent sequencing
  • Speeds data processing and reporting with compound database (CDB), smart calibration curves, library search capability, and custom reporting
  • Facilitates data review with multi-peak review capabilities, automatic retention time and ion ratio adjustment, and extensive flagging options
  • Simplifies operation with system start-up and shut-down methods
  • Provides quantitative, semi-quantitative, and screening workflows

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