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BioPharma Finder™ Mass Informatics Platform for Protein Characterization

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Save time and identify more with Thermo Scientific™ BioPharma Finder™ software. Screen, identify, and characterize intact proteins with higher productivity and confidence. Confirm amino acid sequence, and identify known/unknown post-translational modifications (PTMs) of relative amounts using the Peptide Mapping workflow. Enable efficient sequence verification, along with identification and localization of modifications by using the automated top down workflow. All BioPharma Finder software workflows take full advantage of the high-quality, HRAM data produced by Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ mass spectrometers.

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Address all your protein characterization challenges with the extensive capabilities of our biopharmaceutical platform solution, BioPharma Finder.

Key overall features:

Workflow-driven experiment creation, method processing, and result review.

Intact protein workflow:
  • Rapid measurement of the intact molecular weight of biotherapeutics for structural confirmation and characterization.
  • Confident deconvoluted molecular weight calculation of proteins in both acidic and native conditions.
  • Target protein sequence matching, identifying n-linked glycosylations and other common modifications using the intact mass.
  • Identification of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC), and improved detection of low abundance species, using the sliding window algorithm.
  • Batch-to-batch comparison.
Peptide mapping workflow:
  • Confirmation of amino acid sequence with the novel MS2 prediction algorithm, increasing confidence in peptide sequence assignments.
  • Identification of the site and type of expected and unknown PTMs, giving the relative amount of modification in the sample.
  • Disulfide bond mapping.
  • Detection of low level impurities and sequence variants.
  • Sequence alterations in stress samples, including the level of deamidation or oxidation.
  • Error-tolerant searches for unexpected modifications.
  • De novo sequence searches for unknown components.
Top down workflow:
  • Simple workflow for sequencing intact protein molecules using ProSightBP as the core algorithms.
  • Multiple raw file comparison with combined interactive fragmentation coverage maps.
  • Supports multiple modes of fragmentation including CID, HCD, ETD, EThcD, and UVPD, enabling maximum protein coverage.
Multi Attribute Methods (MAM):
  • MAM is an MS-based multi-attribute method for characterization and relative quantification of PTMs in biotherapeutic molecules.
  • MAM uses a combination of high mass accuracy/high resolution MS data generated by Orbitrap technology and automated identification and relative quantification of product quality attributes (PQAs).
  • Dedicated MAM features streamline processes ranging from discovery peptide mapping to critical quality attributes (CQAs) monitoring in GMP environments (Chromeleon).
  • MAM can be used for clone screening, process development, comparability, and stability assessment.
New features:
Intact Analysis:
  • Intact deconvolution workbook allows for simple exchange of information (targeted components and processing method parameters) between BioPharma Finder and Chromeleon.
  • A new intact protein deconvolution workflow in Chromeleon 7.2.9 which provides a new compliant solution for molecule weight determination.
Peptide Mapping Analysis and Multi Attribute Method (MAM):
  • New targeted workflow allows for discovery and monitoring in same software.
  • Fast screening of large data sets for targeted Product Quality Attributes (PQAs).


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