Thermo Scientific™

AquaSensors™ Datastick™ Dissolved Ozone Measurement System

Seamlessly integrate with industrial control systems using the Thermo Scientific™ AquaSensors™ DataStick™ Dissolved Ozone Measurement System, which offers plug-and-play convenience.
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  • Clark cell technology
  • Precalibrated (no field calibration required)
  • Plug and play sensor heads and communication adapters
  • Rugged, foul-resistant membrane
  • Simple membrane cap replacement
  • Direct data reporting (24-bit)


  • Provides universal conversion of sensor signals and interactive communications for measurement, calibration, configuration and diagnostics

Communications Adapter:

  • Plugs into the DataStick to provide power and direct interactive communications with control systems

Ozone Sensor Head:

  • Precalibrated for ozone and temperature
  • Can be plugged into any DataStick to yield accurate 24-bit data

AV38 Local Display/Controller:

  • Two-line display and seven key navigation
  • Data reporting with up to two current options
  • Two Form C relays
  • Digital communications

Recommended for:

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Food and beverage sanitation
  • Bottled water production
  • Pulp and paper bleaching
  • Pharmaceutical cooling water
  • Semiconductor washwater