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Cellular Imaging

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ProLong Gold Antifade Mountant is a liquid mountant applied directly to fluorescently labeled cell or tissue samples on microscope slides. It is formulated without DNA stain or with the blue DNA stain DAPI or with the deep red DNA stain SYTOX Deep Red. ProLong Gold mountant contains chemical components designed to protect fluorescent dyes from fading (photobleaching) during fluorescence microscopy experiments, and delivers this protection without significantly quenching the initial fluorescence signal. It is a curing mountant that forms a near-perfect optical path (1.47 RI) and allows longer-term storage of the sample. It comes ready-to-use (room temperatures storage and no mixing required)—just apply a drop to the sample, add a coverslip, cure, and image.

ProLong Gold Antifade Mountant is not recommended for mounting samples containing fluorescent proteins, such as GFP. For superior antifade protection of fluorescent proteins and fluorescent dyes, ProLong Diamond Antifade Mountant is recommended. Learn more about key differences between ProLong Gold and ProLong Diamond antifade mountants.

Key Attributes:

• Protects dyes from fading during imaging
• Ready-to-use liquid that cures for longer-term storage
• Mounted samples are stable for months
• Maintains fluorescence signal—little to no quenching
• Ideal for Alexa Fluor dyes

For mountants with 1.52 refractive index, optimized for oil immersion objective imaging, try curing mountant Prolong Glass Antifade Mountant or non-curing SlowFade Glass Soft-set Antifade Mountant.

ProLong Gold Antifade Mountant comes already mixed and ready to use in a dropper bottle or 10-mL bottle with or without DNA stain. DAPI stain is excited by UV light at 360 nm when bound to DNA, with an emission maximum at 460 nm, and is detected using a DAPI traditional filter. SYTOX Deep Red stain is excited by red light at 660 nm when bound to DNA, with an emission maximum at 682 nm, and is detected using a Cy5/deep red traditional filter.

Get Photobleaching Protection Without Quenching
Many mountants can destroy initial fluorescence signal strength by up to 80%. To create the Molecular Probes Gold series of mountants, our scientists developed a formula of chemical additives that minimize this initial signal quenching for the broadest range of colors and dyes.

Stable Signals During Imaging and for Longer-Term Storage
While epoxy-based mountants used in our FluoCells series of prepared cells can be stable for years and afford the highest level of antifade protection, they are difficult to use, requiring a series of steps in organic solvents prior to mounting. ProLong Gold Antifade Mountant is the next-best option for archiving samples. And it is the best option for preserving signal strength during prolonged imaging sessions, such as repeated scanning under confocal laser scanning illumination. It's easy to use—just air-dry your stained samples to remove excess water and mount. For immediate viewing of the sample, choose our non-curing mountant, SlowFade Gold Antifade Mountant.

Achieve Excellent Refractive Index Matching Without Acrylic Resins
For modern high-resolution imaging applications, refractive index matching is critical. ProLong Gold Antifade Mountant will cure to an Rf of 1.47. Additionally, the curing property means you can av
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Green Features: Less hazardous, Sustainable packaging
Reagent Type: Anti-Fade Solution
Quantity: 10mL
Label or Dye: DAPI
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: ProLong™

Contents & storage

Storage at room temperature is recommended but can also be stored frozen (-5 to -30°C). Protect from light.