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Polysine™Microscope Adhesion Slides

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The permanent adhesive coating on Epredia™ Polysine™ slides attracts frozen and paraffin embedded tissue sections, cyto-centrifuge preparations and cytology smears. Each slide has a white 3/4 in. Superfrost™ tab, and features two “P” letters printed at the bottom of each slide to signify that it is a Polysine adhesion slide. Polysine slides are a derivative of the chemistry for Poly-L-Lysine coated slides.
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  • Not affected by chemicals or predigestion
  • Ideal for immunocytochemical hybridization assays on cell preparation or tissue sections
  • Binds specimen to the slide throughout processing
  • High purity, corrosion-resistant white glass adhesion slide
  • Manufactured from pure, water-white glass
  • Pre-cleaned for immediate use
  • Packed 72 slides per box, 20 boxes per case