Thermo Scientific™

personal DataRAM™ pDR-1500 Aerosol Monitor

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The Thermo Scientific™ Personal DataRAM pDR-1500 Portable Monitor is a fully integrated, real-time, high precision sampling instrument that provides maximum ease-of-use and increased operating time.

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From site remediation monitoring to health effects studies to construction/demolition projects, the pDR-1500 provides the power and flexibility to provide both real-time results and gravimetric validation. At 41 oz., it's as easy to wear it on the belt as it is to run it in a fixed location.

Capable of compensating for all typical environmental variables, the pDR-1500 is outfitted for relative humidity compensation, true volumetric flow, pressure compensation and legacy pDR nephelometry technology. The pDR-1500 aerosol monitor also features interchangeable cyclones for superior particle-cut points available for PM10 & PM4 or PM2.5 & PM1, as well as an integrated sample filter that enables post-gravimetric validation of all data.

Key Features:

  • True volumetric flow control
  • Full compensation for environmental variables
  • Flexible data logging routine

Additional Information:

  • Aerodynamic Particle Cut-Point Range 1.0 to 10μm
  • Concentration Display Updating Interval : 1 second
  • Data Logging Averaging Periods (user selectable): 1 second to 1 hour
  • Total Number of Data Points in Memory: >500,000
  • Number of Data Tags: 99 (maximum)
  • Serial Interface: USB/RS-232, 19,200 baud
  • Computer Requirements: PC compatible, 486 processor or higher; Windows™ 95 or higher

Recommended for:

  • Site remediation
  • Size discrimination
  • Mass validation
  • Exposure modeling
  • Protection of asthma patients