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Personal DataRAM™ Accessories

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Enhance functionality and performance using Thermo Scientific™ personal DataRAM Accessories. Available for conversion to passive sampling, from passive sampling or to active sampling.

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For enhanced functionality and performance of both models pDR-1000AN and pDR1500. Conversion kits, routine parts and other supplies are available.

pDR1500 Standard Accessories:

  • Universal voltage power supply
  • 8 “AA” Batteries
  • Standard inlet
  • Zeroing tube
  • USB serial cable
  • Filter and filter holders (box of 100)
  • PC communications software disk

pDR-1000AN Standard Accessories:

  • Universal voltage power supply
  • Analog signal output cable
  • Zeroing kit
  • Belt clip kit
  • Carrying case
  • PC communications software disk
  • Digital communications cable

pDR1500 Optional Accessories:

  • Analog signal output cable
  • PM 10 PM 4 cyclone
  • PM 2.5 PM 1 cyclone
  • Carrying case

pDR-1000AN Optional Accessories:

  • Rechargeable (NiMH) battery pack
  • Remote alarm unit
  • Active sampling kit
  • Shoulder strap
  • Portable pump unit
  • Wall mounting bracketÂ

Attachable Pump Module pDR-PU:

  • Optional accessory designed for use with the personal DataRAM pDR-1000AN
  • A dual-chamber diaphram pump, a volumetric flow sensing and control unit, and a small rotameter-type flowmeter
  • Operates from either the optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack (pDR-BP) or from the AC line current using the power supply/charger (pDR-AC) supplied with the pDR-1000AN
  • Designed as a modular unit that can be used in various combinations

Rechargeable Battery Pack pDR-BP:

  • Rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery is designed to provide DC power
  • Allows operation for extended periods of time without requiring line power or battery replacement