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Triple Wrap Sterile Pack w/VHP Indicator Tryptone Soya Agar

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Industrial Microbiology

Experience next-level cleanroom confidence with Thermo Scientific™ Triple Wrap Sterile Pack Tryptone Soya Agar plates, complete with VHP Indicator.
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Achieve confidence in your results and ensure optimum media fertility using plates with a Vapour-phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) exposure indicator, designed to confirm the integrity of the wrapping material and seal during VHP exposure.

Three protective layers reduce risk of contamination:
  • Primary film with moisture control patch
  • Secondary film VHP barrier with immobilized desiccant sachet
  • Tertiary film dust cover
The incorporation of novel elements enhance moisture control by permitting the passage and absorption of excess moisture

Using plates with an improved shelf life and room temperature storage offers a cost-effective solution, minimizing new batch validation and refrigeration costs

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