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Pre-Preserved Environmental Sample Containers

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Simplify field preservation with Thermo Scientific™ Chemically-Preserved Environmental Sample Containers and enjoy peace of mind as well as convenience. Using certified containers and chemicals reduces the risk of container and preservative contamination. Let us save you the time, tedium and chemical contact associated with diluting and aliquoting chemical preservatives to prepare environmental sample container sets. Choose from our standard offering of chemically-preserved containers, or let us custom-create container/preservative combos according to your personal analytical needs.

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  • Standard Thermo Scientific Certified sample containers chemically-preserved with certified chemical preservatives for environmental sample analyses
  • Packaged in compliance with the shipping requirements of 49 CFR Part 173.4 DOT Small Quantities Classification for highway and rail transport

Ordering Information:

Custom preserved containers available by special order:

  • Choose a standard certified Thermo Scientific environmental sample container
  • Choose a chemical from our standard chemical list
  • Specify the volume and concentration of chemical to aliquot into each container

Products available only in the US


Certified sample containers dosed with chemical preservative; certificate of analysis for container and preservative, individually barcoded containers traceable to certs, sample analysis labels unattached for optional use, hazardous material compliant packaging. MSDS available upon request.