Thermo Scientific™

Prisma™ E SEM for Materials Science

The most complete SEM for multi-user laboratories requiring all-around performance and ease-of-use. The Thermo Scientific™ Prisma™ E SEM is the first SEM with unique ColorSEM™ technology for the most intuitive elemental analysis. Combined with a unique environmental mode (ESEM) and a full range of accessories it is the most complete tungsten SEM available. It is ideal for industrial R&D, quality control, and failure analysis applications that require high resolution, sample flexibility, and an easy-to-use operator interface. Prisma E succeeds the highly successful Thermo Scientific™ Quanta™ SEM.

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Excellent imaging

Multi-user laboratories require a microscope to produce high quality images with relevant data in a short amount of time. Prisma E fulfills this need with a robust imaging system based on a tetrode gun assembly that delivers excellent results at a wide range of beam energies and vacuum conditions. In all these conditions, both topographic and compositional images provide the necessary sample information. With simultaneous acquisition this information is readily available for further interpretation and analysis.

Easy Navigation

Finding the region of interest or even finding the sample itself can be a tedious task… but not on Prisma E. The in-chamber navigation camera (Nav-Cam) provides a detailed photo of the sample holder, which makes it easy to work with multiple samples in one session and to navigate to them one by one. Within a sample, you’ll go to the region of interest by simply clicking it. The Nav-cam image rotates along with the sample, so that navigation is truly intuitive.

Sample flexibility

Today’s research extends beyond traditional metals and coated samples – also nonconductive materials, large or heavy samples, dirty samples or even wet samples require study at microscopic scales. Prisma E features three imaging modes – high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM™ – which accommodate the widest range of samples of any SEM available. Moreover, Prisma E’s chamber fits large samples and is equipped with a 110x110 mm 5-axis motorized eucentric stage with a tilt range of 105°, allowing observation of samples from all perspectives.

Support for Analytics

The increasing need for elemental (EDX, WDS) and crystallographic (EBSD) sample data is accommodated by Prisma E’s analytical chamber, which supports multiple EDX detectors to increase throughput and remove shadowing effects. In addition, the analytical chamber supports coplanar EDX/EBSD and parallel beam WDS to ensure optimum positioning for all techniques. Thanks to Prisma E’s in situ capabilities, reliable analytical results are obtained even on samples that are insulating or at high temperature.
Additional sample information for photonics, geoscience, ceramics, glass and failure analysis applications comes from the unique retractable RGB cathodoluminescence detector.

Elemental Characterization

The latest generation of Prisma E adds an exciting new option that makes sample characterization even more intuitive: ColorSEM technology. ColorSEM combines conventional SE or BSE imaging with live elemental analysis. Novel algorithms instantly map different hues onto the SEM image, which is no longer black and white. This allows anyone operating the SEM to tell materials apart not only by their shape but by their color, which represents the chemical composition. This way, ColorSEM provides direct access to crucial sample information and, as a consequence, a more complete characterization.