Thermo Scientific™

Particle Size Analyzer PSM-500

Related applications:

Cement, Coal, Minerals

The Thermo Scientific™ Particle Size Analyzer PSM-500 provides accurate feedback for the optimization of grinding circuit performance helping customers not only to enhance mineral recovery and quality but also to optimize their energy efficiency during the process. This unit is a rugged on-line Particle Size Analyzer which pulls its own continuous sample using a vacuum eductor. To assist with the ultrasonic measurement, the sample is de-aerated in the sample conditioner before it passes between diametrically opposed ultrasonic sensors and is returned to the process.
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  • Robust with Ingress Protection Rating IP65.
  • Rugged internals, NEMA approved 4X corrosion resistant.
  • All new software and contemporary user interface.
  • Higher bandwidth and field replaceable transducers.
  • No dilution required.
  • % of solids measurements is standard.
  • Improved alarms, status display and reports.
  • No UPS needed.
  • Full colour intuitive local touch-panel user interface.
  • No pumping.
  • Size range between 1 to 1000 microns (can be optimized according to application).
  • Data are typically accurate to better than 1% absolute.
  • High availability.
  • Ultrasonic hard ware.
  • Measurement updates time, typically 10 sec.
  • Upgradable from PSM-400MPX.


  • Enhances mineral recovery by providing accurate analysis of particle size distribution and percent solids.
  • Increases energy efficiency by assisting the grinding control with the recovery and the throughput of minerals.
  • Designed to work in the harshest environment conditions with temperature compensation and wider operation range.
  • Easy to be calibrated through the new modern interface and control systems.
  • Increased signal performance thanks to the new flow cell transducers.
  • Lower cost of ownership since transducers are field replaceable.
  • Lower maintenance