Z'-LYTE™ Kinase Assay Kit - Ser/Thr 3 Peptide

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A coumarin and fluorescein-labeled peptide substrate which can be used for kinase screening in an antibody-free format. This peptide is based upon bovine MBP Thr-97 derived peptide, containing a P-X-(S⁄T)-P consensus sequence, where X is any residue.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Assay Type: Serine⁄Threonine Kinase Assay
Excitation⁄Emission (nm): 405⁄465, 535
Format: 384-well plate
Label or Dye: Methylcoumarin
Number of Reactions: 800 Reactions
Product Line: Z´-LYTE®
Product Size: 800 x 20 µL assays
Protein or Peptide Source: Bovine MBP, Thr-97 derived peptide S5,Consensus seq Pro-X-(Ser⁄Thr)-Pro (APRTPGGRR)
Readout: End Point
References: BBRC vol. 61, pp 559-563 (1974), JBC, vol 252, p 4888 (1978)
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Substrate Properties: Peptide-Based Substrate
Target Enzyme: Serine⁄Threonine Kinases
Technique: FRET
Validated Kinases: BRAF, MAPK1, MAPK3, MAPK12, MAPK13, MAP2K1, MAP2K2, MAP3K6, MAP2K8

Contents & storage

Z´-LYTE® Kinase Assay Kits contain all necessary reagents for performing primary or secondary screens. Most kit components should be stored at -20°C, and some kit components should be stored at -80°C. See COA for specific storage instructions.