LanthaScreen™ Tb-anti-Biotin Antibody

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A general reagent for use in assay development, the anti-biotin antibody binds to biotinylated peptide or physiological protein substrates.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Antibody Conjugate: Lanthanide Chelates, Terbium (Tb)
Excitation/Emission: 340⁄490, 520
Label Type: Lanthanide Chelates
Label or Dye: Tb (Terbium)
Product Line: LanthaScreen™
Readout: End Point
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Applications: Drug Discovery and Development
Concentration: 0.9mg/mL
Conjugate: Tb (Terbium), lanthanide chelates
Format: Liquid
Quantity: 25μg
Regulatory Status: RUO
Storage Requirements: –20°C
Type: Primary
Primary or Secondary: Primary
Packaging: 1 Each
Includes: 0.1% Sodium azide

Contents & storage

Terbium-labeled anti-Biotin antibody in HEPES buffered saline. Store at -20°C.