Fluorescein-P53 (Ser15) Peptide Substrate

Catalog number:  PV5132

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A fluorescein-labeled peptide substrate based upon p53 containing Ser15. p53 is phosphorylated at Ser15 by a wide range of kinases including PI3K/AKT pathway kinases such DNA-PK, ATM, and ATR.

For use in combination with the LanthaScreen® Tb-anti-phospho-p53 [pSer15] antibody (PV5130) to evaluate inhibitors in medium to high throughput screening applications.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Amino Acid Sequence: Fluorescein-EPPLSQEAFADLWKK
Assay Entry: Biochemical terbium phospho-specific activity
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Label or Dye: FITC (Fluorescein)
Product Line: LanthaScreen®
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Substrate: Fluorescein-Tb
Substrate Properties: Peptide-Based Substrate
Target Entry: DNAPK
Target Enzyme: Serine⁄Threonine Kinases
Substrate Type: Kinase Substrate
Molecular Weight: 2118.3 Da

Contents & storage

1 mg/mL Fluorescein-p53 (Ser15) peptide substrates in DMSO. Store at -20° C and protect from light.