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DNA-PK Human Protein

Catalog number:  PV5866

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DNA-PK is a heterotrimeric, DNA-dependent protein kinase that initiates signalling cascades in response to DNA damage. DNA-PK is an atypical kinase, closely related to the PI3 kinases, and is often potently inhibited by small molecules designed to target PI3 kinases.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Assay Entry: Biochemical terbium phospho-specific activity
Kinase Group: Ser⁄Thr Kinases: Atypical
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
System Compatibility: LanthaScreen®
Target Entry: DNAPK
Target Gene: DNA-PK
Expression System: Baculovirus
Form: Frozen
Protein Family: Kinases & Inhibitors
Protein Form: Full Length
Protein Subtype: Lipid Kinases
Research Category: Signal Transduction
Species: Human
Validated Application: Kinase Assay
Molecular Weight: 600 kDa
Gene Alias: DNA-PK
KinaseFamily: PIKK Kinase Family

Contents & storage

Kinase proteins are shipped on dry ice and should be stored at -80°C.