Thermo Scientific™

PXS4-611W 60kV X-Ray Sources

Related applications:

Radiation Detection Measurement

Thermo Scientific™ PXS4-611W, 60kV X-ray Source is a constant potential, continuous duty X-ray source for use in field applications or where high stability is required. Side-window sealed tube and a high voltage power supply.
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  • Highly stable flux output of <0.2% standard deviation over 4hr period
  • 15.8mm Focus-to-Object Distance (FOD)
  • Water-cooled, air cooled options (PXS4-612CU and PXS4-613WH) available
  • Target voltage and electron beam current adjusted using a separate external variable DC voltage source
  • Designed with five mounting holes, four in the baseplate and one near rear connector
  • Window orientation relative to housing is factory set to position C
  • Shielding of housing is sufficient to ensure that X-ray leakage is <0.5 mR/hour

Recommended for:

  • Gauging
  • Analytical