Thermo Scientific™

PXS5-822 MicroFocus 80kV X-Ray Source

Related applications:

Radiation Detection Measurement

The Thermo Scientific™ PXS5-822 is an 80kV microfocus X-Ray source in side window configuration for use in high-resolution imaging. The side window configuration allows use in compact cabinets where high magnification is still required.
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Thermo Scientific PXS5-822 X-Ray sources offer many attractive benefits:
  • Side window configuration for use in smaller cabinet systems
  • 12.5 mm spot-to-window spacing for high geometric magnification and high resolution
  • Moderate cost for high-performance/value inspection systems
  • Wide beam version (Thermo Scientific PXS5-822-WB) allows large field of view
  • X-Ray tube, power supply, and control electronics in one compact package make system integration easy

Recommended for:

  • Manual inspection of printed circuit boards and electronic devices
  • Nondestructive test requiring high-resolution imaging of metal and plastic parts
  • Micro-CT imaging for industrial and life sciences applications
  • Rotating gantry Micro-CT systems
  • Conveyor inspection systems requiring a wide beam side window configuration (Thermo Scientific PXS5-822-WB)