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Qtracker™ 525 Cell Labeling Kit (Trial Size)

Catalog number:  Q25049

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The Qtracker® 525 Cell Labeling Kit uses a custom targeting peptide to deliver green-fluorescent Qdot® 525 probe (ex/em 405–485/525 nm) into the cytoplasm of live cells. Once inside the cells, the Qdot® 525 probe provides an intense, stable fluorescence that can be traced through several generations and is not transferred to adjacent cells in a population. This trial-size version offers a convenient introduction to the Qtracker® cell labeling technology at an affordable price.

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Features of the Qtracker® Cell Labeling kits include:

• Qtracker® probes allow for continuous illumination, without photobleaching or degradation problems often associated with organic dyes
• Simple to use—add Qtracker® labeling solution to cells in serum-containing media, incubate one hour, then detect and track the cells
• Provide an intense, stable fluorescence that can be traced through several generations
• Excellent tool for long-term tracking or imaging studies of live cells, including migration, motility, morphology, and other cell function assays

The Qtracker® Cell Labeling kits use a custom targeting peptide to deliver Qdot® probes into the cytoplasm of live cells. Since the cytoplasmic delivery mechanism is not mediated by a specific enzyme, no cell-type specificity has been observed. Maximum delivery is typically accomplished in less than 1 hour.

The Qdot® probes are compatible with serum-sensitive cells. The intense fluorescence from the Qdot® probes is maintained in complex cellular environments and under various biological conditions including changes in intracellular pH, temperature, and metabolic activity.

Long-Lasting, Targeted Signal
Use of Qtracker® Cell Labeling kits results in the ability to observe labeled cells with extensive continuous illumination, without photobleaching or degradation problems often associated with organic dyes. Once inside the cells, the Qdot® probes are localized to cytoplasmic vesicles and are inherited by daughter cells for at least six generations. Fluorescence from the Qdot® probes can be detected for up to a week after delivery in some cell lines. The long-term cellular retention of the Qdot® probes results in an ideal tool for studying cell motility, migration, differentiation, morphology, and many other cellular function studies. Since the Qtracker® labels do not leak out of intact labeled cells and are not transferred to adjacent cells, the Qtracker® Cell Labeling kits result in a targeted signal.

Monitor the Signal on Multiple Platforms
Qtracker® reagent-labeled live cells can be easily monitored on a variety of platforms, including flow cytometry, fluorescence/confocal microscopy, fluorescence microplate readers, and high-content imaging systems.

Minimal Impact on Live Cells
The cytotoxicity of the materials used in Qtracker® Cell Labeling kits has been tested in a variety of cell lines including CHO, HeLa, U-118, 3T3, HUVEC, and Jurkat cells. Labeling with Qtracker® Cell Labeling kits appears to exert minimal impact on cellular surface marker expression, cell proliferation, cellular enzyme activity, and cell motility.

Useful in a Variety of Cell Tracing Studies
Post-labeling, researchers have demonstrated a wide variety of applications for Qtracker®-labeled cells, including cell co-culture and cell assembly into heterotypic assemblies, multilineage differentiation, trans-differentiation versus cell fusion, embryonic and mesenchymal stem cell tracking, and cell migration dynamics.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Reagent Type: Cell Labeling Reagents
Product Line: Qdot®
Product Size: 1 kit

Contents & storage

• 25 µL Qtracker® Nanocrystals, Component A (2 µM in 50 mM borate buffer, pH 8.3)
• 25 µL Qtracker® Carrier, Component B (phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.2)

Store at 2–8°C. Do not freeze.


Manuals & protocols