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Haemophilus ID Quad Medium

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Clinical Microbiology

Speciate the genus Haemophilus using Thermo Scientific™ Haemophilus ID Quad, a medium containing three separate growth requirements and horse blood for the production of hemolysis, all on a single prepared media plate.
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Read more results from a single sample and produce more diagnostic details while reducing storage capacity issues in the incubator with a quad-plate that includes four separate media formulations.
  • One quadrant of the plate contains X factor
  • One quadrant contains V factor
  • One quadrant contains XV factors
  • One quadrant contains XV factors with horse blood
Haemophilus are small, pleomorphic, gram-negative coccobacilli. They are nonmotile, non-sporeforming, fastidious, facultative anaerobes. Almost all species require preformed growth factors present in the blood, particularly the X factor (hemin) and/or V factor (NAD) for growth.
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