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TurboFect Transfection Reagent

Catalog number:  R0531

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Thermo Scientific TurboFect Transfection Reagent is a highly efficient, easy-to-use, non-immunogenic transfection reagent for delivery of DNA plasmids and expression vectors into eukaryotic cells.

Features of TurboFect Transfection Reagent:

• High transfection efficiency of a wide variety of cell types
• No optimization required for most cell lines
• Excellent transfection efficiency in the presence or absence of serum
• Minimal cytotoxicity
• Ready-to-use—no need to reconstitute, dilute or manipulate

Applications of TurboFect Transfection Reagent :
• Stable and transient transfection or co-transfection of DNA or RNA
• Experiments with adherent or suspension cells, differentiated or undifferentiated cells
• Gene expression studies and assays involving GFP or luciferase reporters

TurboFect Transfection Reagent is a sterile solution of a proprietary cationic polymer. TurboFect Reagent interacts with DNA to form small, stable, highly diffusible complexes which are readily endocytosed. The reagent creates a proton-sponge effect that buffers endosomal pH by provoking massive proton accumulation and passive chloride influx. As a result, rapid osmotic swelling of the endocytosed DNA-complex causes it to rupture in the cytosol, allowing translocation of DNA to the nucleus. TurboFect Reagent is ideal for transfection of a variety of cells, including primary and difficult-to-transfect cells.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type: Established Cell Lines, Primary Cells, Endothelial Cells, Epithelial Cells, Kidney, Macrophages, Mye
Sample Type: Plasmid DNA
Transfection Technique: Chemical Transfection
Quantity: 1mL
Classification: Chemically Defined
Product Line: TurboFect