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TurboFect in vivo Transfection Reagent

Catalog number:  R0541

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Thermo Scientific TurboFect in vivo Transfection Reagent is highly effective for DNA plasmid delivery in vivo, while not inducing an inflammatory response. TurboFect in vivo has been assessed for plasmid DNA delivery in both mice and rats and is suitable for DNA administration via various routes, including intravenous, intraperitoneal, and intratumoral injection. The amount of DNA and suggested injection volume will depend on the experimental animal and the route of administration as well as the targeted tissue or organ and the expression vector.

TurboFect in vivo is a sterile solution of a cationic polymer in water. The polymer forms compact, stable, positively charged complexes with DNA. These complexes protect DNA from degradation and facilitate gene delivery in vivo.


• No detectable inflammatory response
• Successful plasmid delivery via multiple routes of administration
• Functionally tested in mice and rats
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type: Cells in vivo
Classification: Animal Origin-Free,Chemically Defined
Product Line: TurboFect
Product Size: 120 µL
Sample Type (Specific): Plasmid DNA
Transfection Technique: Chemical Transfection