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Lowenstein-Jensen Medium (LJ)

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Clinical Microbiology

Cultivate and isolate Mycobacterium spp. using Thermo Scientific™ Lowenstein-Jensen Medium (LJ).
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Remove the need for pipetting, dispensing or autoclaving with convenient, pre-filled and ready-to-use tubes and bottles of Lowenstein-Jensen Medium, a glycerated egg-potato medium which provides fatty acids and protein required for metabolsm of mycobacteria. Malachite green is added to inhibit other mycobacteria and as a pH indicator.

Thermo Scientific Lowenstein-Jensen Medium (LJ) agar slants are available in a variety of fill volumes and pack sizes.

Mycobacteria most commonly involve infections of the pulmonary system, but some species infect the lymphatic system and skin. Mycobacteria are gram-positive, nonmotile, acid-fast pleomorphic rods. They vary in colony morphology, pigmentation, and growth rates. Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the most important pathogenic Mycobacterium, is slow-growing and causes highly contageous, airborne respiratory disease. Tuberculosis is responsible for an estimated 2 million deaths per year worldwide.

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