Thermo Scientific™

Irradiated Isolator Wrap™ Sterile D/E (Dey-Engley) Neutralizing Agar Contact Plate

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Industrial Microbiology

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Irradiated Isolator Wrap Sterile D/E Neutralizing Agar Contact Plate, Irradiated is used for cultivation of microorganisms with neutralization of specific chemical disinfectants.

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  • Sterile Contact Plates are for surface sampling in isolator environments
  • These products are manufactured in a clean room environment and validated sterile by gamma radiation
  • The contact plates listed are made using GripFit™ technology, which ensures the lid remains in place during handling
  • The plates are shrink-wrapped and contained in a protective outer barrier wrap, which is impermeable to isolator decontamination procedures but maintains the integrity of the medium inside
  • An extra sterile bag is provided for transporting the plates to the laboratory for testing
Not intended for IVD use.