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DNA Loading Dye & SDS Solution (6X)

Catalog number:  R1151

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Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis & Blotting

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Thermo Scientific 6X DNA Loading Dye & SDS Solution is recommended for agarose gel analysis of DNA samples that contain high amounts of DNA binding proteins. The presence of SDS eliminates DNA-protein interactions and prevents gel-shifts. The high concentration of EDTA protects DNA from degradation by metal-dependent nucleases.


• 1% SDS eliminates DNA-protein interactions, prevents appearance of additional bands due to annealing of DNA molecules with cohesive ends
• 100 mM EDTA inhibits metal-dependent nucleases


• Analysis of DNA samples with high amounts of DNA binding proteins
• Kinetic experiments
• DNA agarose gel analysis after DNA restriction digestions, ligation, or dephosphorylation
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Label or Dye: Bromophenol Blue, Xylene Cyanol FF (XCFF)
Concentration: 6 X
Gel Compatibility: Acrylamide Gels, Agarose Gels