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Remel™ Cary-Blair w/Indicator//SAF Fixative

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Clinical Microbiology

Remel Fecal Transport Two-Vial Sets: Cary-Blair w/Indicator/SAF Fixative are packaged in zip seal bags with patient instructions.

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Caps are color coded to match industry standard colors and have an attached spork.
  • Broad range with long shelf life
  • Industry standard color-coded caps and labels
  • Easy to use
  • Spork cap for safe collection
  • Convenient packaging, including bulk kits
  • Multilingual patient collection instructions
  • Cary-Blair with Indicator contains 0.16% agar and is for preservation and recovery of enteric bacterial pathogens
  • SAF Fixative provides preservation, concentration, and permanent staining of intestinal parasites