Image-iT™ Fixation/Permeabilization Kit

Catalog number:  R37602

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Cellular Imaging

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The Image-iT® Fixation/Permeabilization Kit is a convenient-to-use fixation/permeabilization kit that contains all the necessary reagents to prepare your cells for antibody staining and imaging. The high quality components help preserve cell morphology and reduce background staining and come in a practical box with single-use vials and easy-to-follow protocols. Note: the 4% formadehyde, methanol-free fixative solution in this kit is also available for separate purchase (see Cat. No. R37814).

• A complete fixation/permeabilization kit with ready-to-use components and room temperature storage
• Optimized for secondary antibody labeling, fixed-cell dye staining, and GFP applications
• Reduced background staining

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The Image-iT® Fixation/Permeabilization Kit Contains:
Fixative: High purity 4% formaldehyde in PBS, pH=7.3
Permeabilization solution: 0.5% Triton X-100
Blocking buffer: 3% BSA, fraction V, de-lipidated, New Zealand source, in DPBS
Wash solution: PBS, pH 7.4



Reagent Type: Fixation Reagent, Permeabilization Reagent, Triton X-100
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: Image-iT™, Molecular Probes™

Contents & storage

Fixative Solution: 20 mL
Permeabilization solution: 20 mL
Blocking solution: 12 x 10 mL
Wash Buffer: 500 mL

Store at ≤25 °C.