ReadyProbes™ Cell Viability Imaging Kit, Blue/Red

Catalog number:  R37610

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Cell Viability, Proliferation & Function

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ReadyProbes® Cell Viability Imaging Kit (Blue/Red) is a ready-to-use kit that can quickly and easily determine the viability of cells. Just add 2 drops each of room temperature, stable NucBlue® Live reagent (Hoechst 33342) and propidium iodide to 1 mL of cell growth media, then determine viability by counting total vs dead cells. NucBlue® Live reagent stains the nuclei of all the cells and can be detected using a standard DAPI filter. Propidium iodide stains only the nuclei of cells with compromised plasma membrane integrity and is detected with a standard TRITC/RFP (orange) filter set. This kit is appropriate for fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence micro plate readers, and flow cytometry.

NucBlue® Live reagent: stains the nuclei of all cells; detected with a standard DAPI filter (excitation/emission maxima: 360/460 nm)
Propidium iodide: stains the nuclei of dead cells with compromised plasma membrane; detected with standard TRITC/RFP (orange) filter set (excitation/emission maxima: 535/617 nm)
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Suggestions for use
• NucBlue® Live reagent and propidium iodide can be added directly to cells in full growth media or a compatible buffer solution.
• In most cases, 2 drops/mL and an incubation time of 5 to 30 minutes will give bright nuclear staining; however, optimization may be needed for some cell types, conditions, and applications. In such cases, simply add more or fewer drops until the optimal staining intensity is obtained.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Storage Requirements: Store at 2° to 8°C, or at room temperature.
Kit Contents: 3 x 2.5 mL NucBlue™ Live; 3 x 2.5 mL propidium iodide
For Use With (Application): Determining the viability of cells
Format: Dropper Bottles
Color: Blue/Red
Compatible Cells: Mammalian Cells, Eukaryotic Cells
Detection Method: Fluorescence
For Use With (Equipment): Fluorescence Microscope

Contents & storage

3 x 2.5 mL NucBlue™ Live
3 x 2.5 mL propidium iodide

Store at 2–8°C, or room temperature.