293FT Cell Line

Catalog number:  R70007

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Protein Expression

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| Viral Vaccine Production

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The 293FT Cell line is ideal for generating high-titer lentivirus using the ViraPower™ Lentiviral Expression System. The 293FT Cell Line is a fast-growing, highly transfectable clonal isolate derived from human embryonal kidney cells transformed with the SV40 large T antigen. When a ViraPower™ expression vector and the ViraPower™ Lentiviral Packaging Mix are co-transfected into 293FT cells, high levels of the viral RNA and the gag⁄pol and rev proteins required for packaging are produced.

• Fast growing
• Highly transfectable
• Produces high viral titers
• Allows very high levels of protein

Key Features
• Presence of the SV40 large T antigen allows very high levels of protein to be expressed from vectors containing the SV40 origin. Higher, in fact, than other 293 cells or the T antigen-transformed COS cells classically used.

Kit includes
• 293FT Cell Line provided as a frozen stock in 1 ml of 90% complete media and 10% DMSO


Product Line: ViraPower™
System Type: ViraPower™
Cell Line: 293FT
Species: Human

Contents & storage

• 293FT Cell Line (Store in liquid nitrogen)