Thermo Scientific™

Remel™ BactiSwab™ Wire Shaft Amies Clear

Related applications:

Clinical Microbiology

Thermo Scientific™ Remel BactiSwab Gel: Wire Shaft Amies Clear is supplied with a mini-tip swab suitable for ear, nose, throat, eye, male urethral and pediatric specimen collection.

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Rayon-tipped, plastic-shaft swab(s) are mounted in the cap of a translucent plastic tube with spiral chamber containing gel transport medium with or without charcoal.
  • Straight aluminum shaft
  • Orange cap
  • Round-bottom tube for easy racking and seamless molding to ensure strength and integrity
  • Exclusive zip-seal packaging to promote optimum media performance
  • Color-coded cap with protective overskirt
  • Inert, non-toxic rayon swab tip for good sample retrieval and absorption