COPAN FecalSwab™

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Clinical Microbiology

Optimize specimen collection and preservation for enteric diagnostics with the COPAN FecalSwab™ System. An advanced liquid-based collection and preservation system for fecal specimens, COPAN FecalSwab™, is easy-to-use, allowing for sample collection from either rectal swabbing or direct from feces. Its versatility makes possible direct plating or aliquot transfer to selective enrichment broth. COPAN FecalSwab™ converts solid or semi-solid fecal specimens into a sample suitable for automatic specimen processors in space-saving, instrument-ready tubes. It is also suitable for PCR.
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Simplify and standardize collection and transport of feces and rectal swabs with compact, neat and easy-to-transport COPAN FecalSwab™s.
  • Easy-to-use - suitable for both rectal swabbing or directly from feces. Small tube is instrument-ready and easy- to- transport.
  • Optimized - flocked swab aids adequate specimen collection and elution of the sample into medium. When opening the tube in the lab, swab is captured by the cap, for easier access to the specimen.
  • Versatile - sample can be planted and streaked directly on culture plates or an aliquot transferred to selective enrichment broth. It is also suitable for PCR.
  • Efficient - suitable for automated specimen processing
Product clearance and availability restrictions may apply in some countries. 
IVD – For in vitro diagnostic use.
FecalSwab™ is a trademark of COPAN DIAGNOSTICS, INC.