Flp-In™-293 Cell Line

Catalog number:  R75007

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Protein Biology

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Flp-In™ 293 cell line is designed for rapid generation of stable cell lines that ensure high level expression of your protein of interest from a Flp-In™ expression vector. These cells contain a single stably integrated FRT site at a transcriptionally active genomic locus. Targeted integration of a Flp-In™ expression vector ensures high-level expression of your gene of interest. Flp-In™-293 cell line was created by transfecting the parent cell lines with pFRT⁄lacZeo and selecting for stable Zeocin™- resistant clones.

Flp-In™-293 cells work well with Flp-In™ vectors that express a gene from the CMV promoter (e.g., pcDNA™5⁄FRT, pcDNA5⁄FRT⁄V5-His-TOPO®, and pSecTag⁄FRT⁄V5-His-TOPO
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Flp-In™
System Type: Flp-In™
Cell Line: Flp-In™-293
Species: Human

Contents & storage

1 x 10E7 cells are supplied frozen in 1 ml of 90% complete medium and 10% DMSO. Cells must be stored in liquid nitrogen. Cells are guaranteed stable for 6 months when properly stored.