ProBond™ Nickel-Chelating Resin

Catalog number:  R80101

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Protein Biology

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ProBond™ Nickel-Chelating Resin is a nickel-charged affinity resin used to purify recombinant proteins containing a polyhistidine (6xHis) sequence. Proteins bound to the resin may be eluted with either low pH buffer or by competition with imidazole or histidine. One-step purification can be performed under both native and denaturing conditions. ProBond™ Resin uses the chelating ligand iminodiacetic acid (IDA) coupled to a highly cross-linked 6% agarose resin that is suitable for use in FPLC, batch, and gravity flow applications.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type: Affinity Column
Product Line: ProBond™
Stationary Phase: Nickel-Chelating
Quantity: 50 mL
Format: Suspension

Contents & storage

The ProBond™ resin is pre-charged and able to bind 1-5 mg of recombinant protein per 1 ml of resin. It is provided as a 50% slurry in 20% ethanol. The resin will appear blue in color when charged with Ni2+ . Store at +4°C. ProBond™ resin is guaranteed stable for 6 months when properly stored.