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RadHalo™ RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors

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Radiation Detection Measurement
Detect and identify radiation on location or from miles away with the highly-sensitive Thermo Scientific™ RadHalo™ RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors. RadHalo rapid deployment probes (RDP) and fixed monitors (FM) deliver high precision gamma and neutron radiation measurements and real-time data collection across a wide range of environments and radiation dose rate levels. For nuclear power and associated emergency response personnel, the RadHalo instruments’ remote monitoring and turn-key data reachback telemetry capabilities eliminate the need to place personnel in risky environments.

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The RadHalo instruments allow safety & security personnel to quickly and safely identify and address radiation threats. Units can be positioned at potentially dangerous locations to alert nearby personnel via a phone app or to a remote command center via reachback. Multiple RadHalo instruments can be networked wirelessly to expand reach across a large venue or across an entire city.

  • Built-in reachback capabilities including WiFi, satellite, radio, cellular and direct wire
  • Multiple data delivery options including a mobile app, web interface, and Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ Command and Control Software
  • High-capacity, 60-hour battery for extended operation
  • Intuitive, modular design enables customization through a portfolio of accessories, including solar panels, radio extenders, tripods and mounts
  • Large (3 x 3 in.) spectroscopic gamma detector, dual high dose rate (up to 1000rem/h) range gamma detectors and optional He3-free (CLYC) neutron detector to provide radiological capability in any situation.
  • Rugged design for uninterrupted usage in any environment, including extreme weather conditions.
All RadHalo model kits contain:
  1. RIIDView PC spectra viewer
  2. AC power supply
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. Android/Apple mobile device application

Accessory Kits:
  1. Solar panel kit
  2. Base radio to receive transmissions
  3. Radio repeater for increased transmission distance
  4. RDP tripod mount
  5. FM pole/fence/wall mount kit
  6. FM antenna extension kit

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