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Lab Vision™ Transglutaminase II, Cellular/Tissue, Recombinant Protein

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Anatomical Pathology

Take advantage of a family of enzymes that catalyze calcium-dependent post-translational modification of proteins by formation of an isopeptide bond within or between polypeptide chains with The Thermo Scientific™ Transglutaminase II, Cellular/Tissue, Recombinant Protein.
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Tissue transglutaminase (Transglutaminase II) is one of the most extensively studied members of the transglutaminase family. Tissue transglutaminase of human, bovine, mouse, guinea pig, and chicken has been cloned and revealed good homology among the species (88% from bovine to 65% from chicken to human). The enzyme from different species contain 685-691 amino acids with 77-85kDa molecular mass, encoded by messages of 3.6kb to 3.9kb. Transglutaminase II has been implicated in programmed cell death, signal transduction, drug-resistance, cell growth, endocytosis, insulin secretion, cell adhesion, cataract formation, and wound healing.

Source: Recombinant transglutaminase II protein expressed in E. coli

Characterization: In Western blotting, the purified recombinant protein after reduction shows a band at 101-109kDa including GST.


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