Thermo Scientific™

21PlusHD Measurement and Control System for Coating and Converting

The performance of barrier layers in laminated products such as aseptic packaging is critical for food packaging manufacturers. Similarly, for manufacturers of adhesive coatings, maintaining proper adhesive coverage on their products is essential. The Thermo Scientific™ 21PlusHD Measurement and Control System for Coating and Converting allows manufacturers of coated products or extrusion coated products to maintain the high performance characteristics of critical layers, such as adhesion or barrier layers, while minimizing thickness, to save raw materials costs and deliver the best return on investment possible.
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The 21PlusHD Measurement and Control System for Coating and Converting incorporates a suite of advanced application packages for manufacturers to increase the quality, consistency and performance characteristics of their products. This includes roll, blade, saturation, extrusion and slot die coated products and single and multilayer extrusion coated products in both tandem and singular configurations. 

Advanced sensor technology is at the heart of the 21PlusHD platform through the Thermo Scientific™ PROSIS full spectrum NIR, Thermo Scientific™ Terahertz, Thermo Scientific™ X-Ray Master and the latest Thermo Scientific™ Beta Plus nucleonic sensor devices. 

Each application package is specifically designed for the different processes required in the manufacture of world-class coated products.  The suite of Thermo Scientific advanced machine-direction and cross-direction controls improve both quality and productivity, delivering consistent results and an impressive return on investment. 

Automatic Profile Control (APC) uses advanced mapping strategies to control the entire width of the extrusion coated products. The APC package includes hardware and software to control auto dies to achieve and maintain cross-direction uniformity of coextruded coatings

Machine Direction (MD) thickness control strategies include controlling line speed, screw speed, extruder ratio, roll speed, or roll gap to maintain the coated product to thickness specifications. Options for increasing output (Throughput Control) and minimizing resin usage (Target Management Control) are also available. Target Management Control adjusts product to a system-calculated dynamic target, providing both low point and low average protection. 

This comprehensive suite of automatic control options ensures product uniformity and superior roll quality, resulting in scrap reduction and material savings for tangible economic returns.

Accurate Net Coat Weight Profiles

Thermo Scientific™ SICAL, Substrate Independent Calibration, simplifies set-up by matching the calibration of the substrate and coated product scanner. By eliminating substrate sensitivity from the calibration, SICAL reduces the number of calibration sets from all combinations of substrates and coatings to only the number of coating grades. Thermo Scientific™ EXACTRAX Same Spot Measurement ensures accurate net coat weight calculations by ensuring that the substrate and coated product scanners traverse precisely the same path on the web, even as line speed varies. This synchronization eliminates sensitivity to point-to point variations and formation in the substrate material.


  • Application package includes core operating software for coated and converted product lines
  • Standard user-friendly displays configured specifically for coating applications
  • Extensive support for both mono and multilayer extrusion coating lines
  • Accommodates the full line of Thermo Scientific™ sensors for a variety of measurements.
  • Compatible with most major makes of line and die manufacturers.
  • Wide variety of reporting options including roll, slit roll, shift, production.
  • Extensive link options to automation control systems.
  • Comprehensive suite of APC and MD control options
  • PROSIS non-nuclear thickness and weight measurement available

HMI Specifications:

  • Wonderware™ InTouch visualization software version 14 R2
  • Dell OptiPlex XE3 PC
  • Windows™ 10 

Available Displays

  • 2D profiles
  • 3D contour view
  • Blanket view ( heat map display)
  • MD and CD controls
  • Trends
  • Edge and full zoom
  • Roll reports
  • Diagnostics
  • SPC/QC
  • Single point / FFT
  • Defect report