Thermo Scientific™

21PlusHD Measurement and Control System for Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion has become the battery of choice for the new generation of electric vehicles. However, manufacturing these batteries is complex and battery manufacturers need reliable technologies to ensure the quality and consistency of their products. The Thermo Scientific™ 21PlusHD for Lithium-Ion Battery is a high-performance measurement and control platform designed to increase the quality and performance efficiency of lithium-ion battery separator film, electrode coating and electrode calendering production lines. Its combination of sensor accuracy, reporting capabilities and innovative techniques ensures efficient production of high-quality, reliable battery products.
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Advanced sensor technology is at the heart of the 21PlusHD platform with the Thermo Scientific™ PROSIS full spectrum NIR, dual laser displacement, and the latest Thermo Scientific™ Beta Plus nucleonic sensor devices. Analytics and reporting capabilities such as roll, shift, and production reports, 3D profile displays, zoom displays, SPC/QC control charts, and defect mapping also help to maintain in-spec production and reduce the risk of non-uniformity and other downstream battery production issues. 

The 21PlusHD offers a suite of advanced applications packages for lithium-ion battery. Each application package is specifically designed for the different processes required in the manufacture of electrode and separator products. Advanced mapping strategies are available for separator film thickness control in wet and dry processes. Proprietary techniques for the measurement of continuous, patch, or strip coatings are also available in our electrode coating and electrode calendering application packages.

This combination of sensor accuracy, reporting capabilities and innovative techniques for strip or patch coating measurement, dynamic die mapping of separator film, and high speed direct thickness measurement of electrode materials allows manufacturers to have a single source, end-to-end measurement and control solution for all of their continuous web battery components, enabling them to deliver world-class lithium-ion battery products.

  • Dedicated application packages for separator film, electrode coating, and electrode calendering
  • Available for both wet and dry separator film processes
  • Integrated mass balance mapping for superior Automatic Profile Control of separator film
  • Automatic cast shape target calculation
  • PROSIS non-nuclear thickness and weight measurement available
  • SameSpot sensor head synchronization for superior differential coat weight measurement.
  • For patch, strip, or continuous coatings
  • Coat weight and calender thickness control available.
The 21PlusHD consists of one or more scanner(s), sensor(s) and control system (if applicable) tailored to each application:
  • Separator film: O-frame scanner and Beta Plus or PROSIS sensor
  • Electrode coating: O-frame scanner and Beta Plus or X-Ray Master sensor
  • Electrode calendaring: C-Frame scanner with dual laser

HMI Specifications:

  • Wonderware  Intouch  Visualization Software Version 14 R2
  • Dell OptiPlex XE3 Pc
  • Windows 10 

Available displays:

  • 2D profiles
  • 3D contour view
  • Blanket view (heat map display)
  • MD and CD controls
  • Trends
  • Edge and full zoom
  • Roll reports
  • Diagnostics
  • SPC/QC
  • Single Point/FFT
  • Defect report