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SAM12 Small Articles Monitor

 Related applications:
Radiation Detection Measurement
Quickly and thoroughly monitor articles used in radiation-controlled areas for radioactive contamination with a precise, computerized, measurement control solution. The Thermo Scientific™ SAM12 Small Articles Monitor is a well-proven, reliable, rugged instrument that monitors articles for gamma-emitting radionuclides and easily achieves clearance limits for higher energy gamma emitters such as 137Cs and 60Co. This monitor allows dynamic discrimination between natural (NORM) and man-made radiations, and offers a unique feature for 60Co monitoring.

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SAM12 Small Articles Monitors are operating in a large number of nuclear power plants worldwide, demonstrating why this instrument is the ideal method of monitoring for unrestricted release.

  • Background shielding and compensation reduce shine and scatter effects. 
  • Measures fixed, smearable, internal and external gamma contamination simultaneously
  • Measures down to clearance levels less than 5000 dpm (83 Bq)
  • Discrimination of Natural Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) via Natural Background Reduction (NBR) Cobalt Coincidence monitoring
  • Provides excellent uniformity of response across the chamber
  • Monitors for single particles or distributed contamination with equal effectiveness
  • Able to check for changing background during the measurement
  • Fast, easy and thorough monitoring with no special training or supervision required
  • Reduced time to count
  • Includes large touch-screen color LCD display; no keyboard required
  • Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ Enterprise compatibility
  • Automated calibration and checking routines
  • Upload and download easily via USB
  • Lead shielding: 1 or 2 in. (2.5 or 5cm) lead shielding may be specified as standard


SAM12 mounting stand for floor bolting; USB dot matrix printer; and jigs for both one- and two-door SAM12 monitors 

Recommended locations: 

Clean tool shop

Hot tool shop

Green tag table

Health physics control point

Unsupervised locations (using SAM12 and ViewPoint Enterprise monitoring system)

Containment exits

Boot barriers/step-off pads

Recommended uses:

Monitoring laundry and garment bags

Free release surveys during dismantling or decommissioning

Contamination control during outage

Monitoring for incoming NORM at 5000dpm

Serving as an active barrier at the RCA Boundary


Manuals & protocols