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Sentinel PRO Environmental Mass Spectrometer

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Ensure plant safety by enabling leak detection and correction before any toxic hazard is created with the Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel PRO Environmental Mass Spectrometer. This next-generation environmental mass spectrometer is engineered to help plants monitor fugitive emissions of toxic organic vapors, protecting workers and surrounding environment from hazardous exposure.
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The fast, precise and reliable Sentinel PRO environmental mass spectrometer can monitor 100 or more sample points within 15 minutes. It features species-specific detection of a number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the 1ppm - 100ppm range. A rugged fault-tolerant design ensures availability exceeds 99.7% and simplified maintenance procedures make it easy to own. A single Sentinel PRO analyzer can replace an entire rack of less sensitive, discrete analyzers to improve detection capabilities and significantly reduce maintenance and ongoing operating costs.

Increased Sensitivity, Precision, Accuracy, and Mass Range:
  • Completely redesigned electronics, incorporating higher specification components
  • Capable of monitoring 100 or more sample points within 15 minutes
  • Species-specific detection of VOCs in the 1ppm - 100ppm range
  • Reliable, fault-tolerant design for availability of greater than 99.7%
  • Significantly enhanced analyzer control
  • Enhanced connectivity to DCS systems and off-line data manipulation packages
  • Offers high number of sample points that can be located close to potential leak points (i.e. valve stems, etc.)
  • Unique rapid multi-stream sampler (RMS) with 32 or 64 ports
  • Stable with 30- to 90-day automated calibration interval
  • Complete service access from the front of the system, reducing the effective footprint
  • Small footprint with no large shelter required
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Thermo Scientific™ GasWorks software