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HyPerforma™ 50 to 500L Tank Liners, 200L This product, and/or its packaging, incorporates one or more environmental/green features. Click on this icon to learn more.

Catalog number:  SH3064703

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Bioprocessing Containers

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The 200L Thermo Scientific™ tank liner system with top drain is composed of CX3-9 single web, multi-layer plastic film, with dimensions optimized for Thermo Scientific™ drums and commonly used industry standard cylindrical tanks. Standard Thermo Scientific tank liners feature an open top for maximum recovery, with drum dolly available to provide mobility.

• Minimizes bioburden due to construction in an ISO 7 cleanroom under sterile cGMP conditions.
• Eliminates post-use cleaning steps required with re-useable containers and reduces cross-contamination risks.

Applications of the Thermo Scientific tank liner:
• Removes the need for tank cleaning and helps reduce cycle times.
• Facilitates hydration of powdered media and buffers, and pooling of non-sterile solutions and fluids.


Film Description: CX3-9
For Use With (Equipment): SV50076.04
Green Features: Fewer resources used and less waste
Outer Packaging: Packages are placed in strong cardboard cartons with product and lot identification.
Product Line: HyPerforma™
Protective Inner Packaging: Packed and sealed in two independent outer layers in the Class 10,000/ISO Class 7 area.
Recommended Storage: Ambient
Size (Metric): 200 L
Sterilization Method: Irradiated