Thermo Scientific™

ShadowMaster Direct Thickness Gauge

Many interacting variables in the manufacturing process make accurate thickness measurement a challenge. The Thermo Scientific™ ShadowMaster Direct Thickness Gauge provides accurate, non-contact online thickness measurement of a moving web. The ShadowMaster guage measures of a variety of materials up to 6500 microns (260 mils), for greater process control, improved quality and increased productivity without calibration or regulatory approval. The ShadowMaster measurement package comprises optical, inductive and temperature sensors to measure material with a variety of surface finishes.
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The Thermo Scientific ShadowMaster Direct Thickness Gauge is insensitive to the product color, transparency and opacity. ShadowMaster can also measure the total thickness of single, multi-layer and embossed materials.

  • No calibration required.

  • Thickness measurement is not influenced by material type, color or density.

  • Non-nuclear and license-free.

  • Non-contacting, no web marking.

  • No instrument air or water utility requirements.

  • Fast installation, easy to use.

  • High reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • Does not require regulatory licensing, protective gates or interlock devices.

  • Low cost of ownership, high return on investment.

Extruded sheet
Calendered sheet
Coated substrates
Multi-layer and embossed materials