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Sterilin™ Loops and Spreaders

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Industrial Microbiology

Simplify your culture work with Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Loops and Spreaders. Choices for inoculation, dilution streaking, spreading and colony picking.
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  • For inoculation, dilution streaking, spreading and picking isolated colonies
  • Eliminate the need for flaming and the subsequent risk of aerosols Inoculation loop for fixed sample volumes with choice of sphere for dilution streaking, or needle for picking colonies and stab cultures
  • Choice of rigid or flexible loops to suit different applications and user preferences
  • Hexagonal shaft improves grip and assists orientation
  • Free of lubricants, oils and electrostatic charges to facilitate consistent wetting and complete liquid transfer
  • No rough edges means smooth, problem-free plating and streaking of cultures
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
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  • Not available in all geographic regions