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Sensititre™ Myco SLOMYCO AST Plate

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Clinical Microbiology

Perform susceptibility testing of slow-growing non-tuberculosis mycobacteria isolates with Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Myco SLOMYCO AST Plate. The convenient, standard format AST plate includes 13 antimicrobials on a single plate for cost-effective results and is intended for research use only.

Obtain true minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) results to inform targeted therapy decisions and to support antimicrobial stewardship to preserve effectiveness.

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Achieve reliable, consistent results for slow-growing non-tuberculosis mycobacteria isolates with Sensititre Myco SLOMYCO AST Plate. Extended shelf life and room-temperature storage eliminate inventory control concerns.

  • Individual packaging allows the laboratory to test one plate at a time with no waste
  • Inclusive on-scale QC ranges provide immediate quality assurance of testing methodology
  • Easy set-up procedures and results up to 14 days for slow-growing organisms
  • Convenient microbroth dilution format provides accurate endpoint determination with manual read or Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Vizion™ System options

The Sensititre System is a leader in AST solutions, offering flexible, customizable testing options for laboratories of all sizes.

  • Scalable – flexible instrumentation options designed to be modular in order to meet the unique needs of individual lab space, workload, and budget requirements
  • Flexible – over 300 antimicrobials available in extended dilution ranges, access to the newest antimicrobials, and the ability to consolidate AST onto one platform
  • Tailor-made – design your own AST panel to meet specific formulary requirements and prescription protocols based on real-time trends and local epidemiology.

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VersaTREK™ and Sensititre™ products are now part of the Thermo Scientific brand.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.