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Savant™ SpeedVac™ Medium Capacity Concentrators for Combinatorial Chemistry Applications

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Vacuum Concentrators & Pumps

Evaporate strong acids, bases and aggressive organic solvents with the Thermo Scientific™ SpeedVac Modular Vacuum Concentrators. Approved for combinatorial chemistry, these concentrators incorporate an intuitive programmable user display for enhanced usability.

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SPD130DLX is large capacity vacuum concentrators used with a wide variety of solvents and offer resistance to TFA, DSMO and other aggressive solvents used in combinatorial chemistry applications.   For ease of ordering, you can order this in kits.


SPD130DLX Features:

  • Deep aluminum standard PTFE-coated chamber
  • Safety cover lock
  • Lid stay mechanism
  • Radiant glass safety cover improves drying time by applying radiant IR heat to samples (SPD130DLX)
  • PTFE plumbing and tubing
  • Two valve manifold with built-in automatic bleeder valve
  • Time/temperature display incorporating membrane touch pad switches
  • Three preset programs by application and three user defined programs available
  • Variable drying times from 35° to 80°C in five degree increments
  • Manual/auto timed run

Solvents and Solvent Combinations:

  • Acetone
  • Chloroform
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Hexane
  • Methylene chloride

SPD 130DLX P1 Includes:

  • SpeedVac Concentrator
  • -105°C, Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigerated Vapor Trap
  • OFP400 Oil-Free ETFE/PFA 4-Headed Pump
  • 64 × 1.5mL Rotor (RH64-11)
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge
  • Chemical Trap Kit for use with disposable Cartridge
  • Tubing and Fitting Kit including 4” of clear thick walled vacuum tubing
  • Glass Condensation Flask
  • CryoCool™ Heat Transfer Fluid (1L)