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Savant™ SpeedVac™ Medium Capacity Vacuum Concentrators for Combinatorial Chemistry Applications

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Vacuum Concentrators & Pumps

Evaporate strong acids, bases and aggressive organic solvents with the Thermo Scientific™ SpeedVac Modular Vacuum Concentrators. Approved for combinatorial chemistry, these concentrators incorporate an intuitive programmable user display for enhanced usability.
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SpeedVac SPD140DDA is a medium capacity vacuum concentrator used with a wide variety of solvents and offer resistance to TFA, DSMO and other aggressive solvents used in combinatorial chemistry applications.   It is available in kit for ease of ordering.

 SPD140DDA Features:

  • All the product features of SPD130DLX PLUS:
  • Radiant lamps within the chamber
  • Heated lid for processing high boiling points (DMSO,DMF)
  • Independent timers for both heat and run
  • Audible alarm to alert user when operation is finished
  • Built-in vacuum gauge and vacuum display
  • Wider vapor port and tubing for enhanced vapor throughput - reducing drying times
  • Adjustable vacuum level for preventing bumping of difficult solvent mixtures and optimizing drying times
  • -5°C Cold Trap specially designed for trapping high boiling point solvents

Solvent and Solvent Combinations for SPD140P1 KIT

  • Acetic acid
  • Ammonium hydroxide
  • Formic acid
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • TFA
  • Methylene chloride and TFA
  • Acetone and HCL
  • Methylene chloride and MEOH
  • DMSO and methanol

Solvent Combinations for SPD140 P2 KIT

  • DMSO
  • DMF
  • Toluene

SPD140  P1 includes:

  • Acid-Resistant SpeedVac™ Vacuum Concentrator
  • -104°C Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigerated Vapor Trap
  • Oil-Free ETFE/PFA 4-Headed Pump
  • Rotor RH40-12, 12x 75mm holds 40
  • Glass Condensation Flask
  • Tubing and Fitting Kit
  • CryoCool™ Heat Transfer Fluid (1L)

SPD140P2 includes:

  • Acid-Resistant SpeedVac™ Vacuum Concentrator
  • -50°C Universal Vacuum Source
  • 24 x 1 dram vials (15 x 45 mm) 4ml - dram vial Rotor (RH24-15)
  • Chemical Trap
  • Tubing and Fitting Kit
  • Disposable Cartridge
  • Glas Condensation Flask
  • Vacuum Pump Lubricating Oil
  • CryoCool™ Heat Transfer Fluid (1L)

SPD140 P1 and P2 kits are recommended for:

  • Solid phase extractions
  • Drying lipid extractions
  • Flash chromatography fractions
  • Solid phase synthesis cleavage solutions such as protein hydrolyzates and evaporating synthesis solids
  • Compound management
  • Evaporating dissolution solventsRotors are available for a wide variety of applications and sample formats. Please check the rotor list.

Typical applications SPD140DDA:


  • Drying lipid extraction
  • Flash chromatography fractions
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Solid phase synthesis cleavage solutions such as protein hydrolyzates and evaporating synthesis solids
  • Removing ethyl acetate from samples for CAT assay
  • Drug metabolites in solid phase extracts
  • Analyte elution solvents for evaporation