Thermo Scientific™

SpectraCAM™ 84 Cooled Scientific Imaging System

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Thermo Scientific™ SpectraCAM84 is a scientific-grade camera system based on a new Charge Injection Device imager architecture featuring low noise, arbitrary pixel selection, readout and clear, and pixel collective readout or binning. Designed for applications requiring adaptive exposure control, the SpectraCAM uses a random access integration technique employing random pixel selection, collective read or binning, non-destructive read and selective ROI clearing to provide high dynamic range that may exceed 108 or 28 bits.
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  • CID (Charge Injection Device) proprietary imager technology
  • 540 x 540 pixel resolution
  • Non-Destructive Readout (NDRO)
  • Superior anti-blooming; virtually no blooming under severe light overloads Arbitrary user- or process-controlled Region Of Interest (ROI) readout
  • Collective non-destructive readout of binned pixel regions
  • Collective charge injection or clear of binned pixel regions
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for the readout or injection of ROI based on the experimentally observed signal
  • High dynamic range (up to 28 bits)
  • True random pixel addressability
  • Wide wavelength response (165 to 1000nm) Contiguous pixel structure with high fill factor
  • RACID (Random Access Charge Injection Device) imager is capable of direct low energy (CuKa) X-Ray imaging
  • GdO2S coating is available for mid-to-high-energy-level X-Ray imaging, as well as LUMOGEN coating for extended UV sensitivity
  • RACID imagers employed in the SpectraCAM are cooled with a three-stage thermoelectric cooling system to reduce dark current; a water recirculation system is used to further reduce dark current
  • 16-bit gray level camera controller is based on Pentium™ CPU/PC104+ architecture enabling dynamic control of ROI data acquisitional algorithms and real-time video processing of acquired data
  • Camera software also supports the export of data in various imaging (JPEG and TIF) and spreadsheet formats
  • In additon to programmable postition and size, each ROI may be individually programmed for pixel collective read (or binning) and non-destructive reads per pixel
  • Direction of scan in both the horizontal and veritcal axis is user programmable on a global basis, as is the pixel readout speed
SpectraCAM84 is available in two configurations for imager containment:
  • The Purged SpectraCAM is commonly used in applications where argon or nitrogen gas is readily available; purified gas is used to purge the imager container in order to eliminate moisture from the imager environment
  • The Sealed SpectraCAM utilizes a hermetically sealed imager container designed to maintain high vacuum for 3 years thereby eliminating the gas purge requirements

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The near 100% fill factor and the ability to discern very weak optical signals in the presence of very strong optical signals make the SpectraCAM ideally suited for spectroscopy and X-Ray crystallographic applications.