Thermo Scientific™

Standard Sample Holder XL

The Thermo Scientific™ Standard Sample Holder for the Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ XL Desktop SEM is the compact stage allowing analysis of samples of up to 100 mm x 100 mm. In spite of this much larger sample size, a proprietary loading shuttle keeps the vent/load cycle to a minimum, which in practice enables a throughput that is a few factors higher than any comparable SEM system.
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Embedding, cutting and polishing are common techniques used to create flat samples for microscopic investigation. Typically these samples are embedded in a resin and can have a few standard size diameters.

The Standard Sample Holder for the Phenom XL can be extended with 3 types of resin or metallurgical mount inserts. This means that the sample holder can accommodate the most common sized resin mount samples.

Sample size

  • 100 mm x 100 mm (up to 36 x 12 mm pin stubs)
  • Max. 65 mm (h)