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Smart-Vue™ Sensors

Smart-Vue™ Sensors
Related applications:

Cold Storage

Protect the quality of your samples, facilitate regulatory compliance and continuously monitor and report conditions using Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Vue™ Sensors. Monitor temperatures ranging from −200° to +350°C, CO2 concentration, relative humidity (RH), differential pressure (clean rooms), 4-20 milliamps and dry contact state.

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  • Automatic and continuous data logging
  • Temperature, temperature/CO2, temperature/rH or temperature/CO2/rH combo sensors

Compatible with:

Refrigerators, Freezers, LN2 Storage, CO2 Incubators, Clean Rooms, Storage Areas, Ovens

Recommended for:

Ideal for use in highly controlled environments, including pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, IVF clinics, clinical studies and diagnostic laboratories.

Ordering Information:

Availability of Smart-Vue products vary by country. Please ask your Sales Representative to evaluate a Smart-Vue wireless monitoring solution that best meets your specific requirements. Specifications, terms and pricing are subject to change. Not all products are available in all countries.