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Chemical Preservative Vialservatives™

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Industrial & Applied Science

Simplify field preservation while minimizing chemical handling and potential exposure with Thermo Scientific™ Vialservatives—pre-formulated and aliquoted re-sealable threaded vials. Ready for field use, Vialservatives make proper preservation at the point of sample collection convenient and safer than handling glass ampoules or larger volume chemical bottles. Allows addition of preservative immediately after sample collection. Choose from our standard offering, or let us custom-create container/preservative combos according to your analytical needs.

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  • Threaded vial containing a pre-measured aliquot of preservative chemical solution
  • Individually labeled with contents and color-coded labels to minimize error in the field
  • Packaged and shipped in compliance with the shipping requirements of 49 CFR Part 173.4 DOT Small Quantities Classification regulations

Ordering Information:

Custom preserved Vialservatives available by special order:

  • Choose a chemical from our standard chemical list
  • Specify the volume and concentration of chemical per ampoule
  • Certificate of chemical purity available upon request
  • 10 Case minimum order

Products available only in the US and Canada


Preserved vial. MSDS available upon request.